Sound of Liberty - S.O.L

Year of the Supernatural - Part 4

February 17, 2023 Michael Anthony, Michelle Kennedy, Liberty Dawn Season 2 Episode 4
Sound of Liberty - S.O.L
Year of the Supernatural - Part 4
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Show Notes

Thank you for listening to this week's episode of S.O.L. where we address the unsuspecting ways we may be connecting our life and family to witchcraft and not even know it! Learn how to safeguard the life God has given you.

We hope that you will become an S.O.L.  SUBSCRIBER as we work to build a community with those who desire to HEAR God's voice and those who KNOW God's voice when they hear it. HEARING the VOICE of JESUS always REQUIRES a RESPONSE. "What say you friend?...YEA or NAY?" It is time to give a firm, unwavering decision as to where you would like your soul to go. The decision is yours. "Choose this day whom you will serve." 

We thank you for your listenership and for your financial support. By your contributions, Sound of Liberty - S.O.L. is able to continue bringing truth and instruction in a creative capacity. God bless you.

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